Get Order Right When Using Custom Dialogs and Dialog Skins

There is a certain order of doing things when you want to use dialog skins with custom dialogs in InstallScript-based projects.

Here is the proper order:

  1. Open your InstallScript-based project in InstallShield
  2. Go to the Dialogs View and select a Dialog Skin.
  3. Create your custom skinned dialog.

That’s the trick. Select the skin first, then create the custom dialog. If you do it the other way around, the skin won’t be displayed on the custom dialog.


Basic MSI and InstallScript Courses Now Available for Download

Lot’s of people have asked for it, so I am now offering download versions of the 2013 Basic MSI and 2013 InstallScript courses.

The way it works is you download ISO files, burn them to DVDs, then you have to activate each course by email. Activation instructions are included with each course purchased.

Check out my website for details:

Downloadable 2013 Basic MSI and InstallScript Courses


InstallShield Patch Fixes MS Security Update Problem KB2962872

On 11-July-2014, Flexera notified InstallShield customers that applying Microsoft security update KB2962872 (MS14-037) may cause InstallShield to crash upon launch.

While Microsoft continues to devleop a fix through Windows Update to address this issue, Flexera Software has created an interim solution. This patch resolves the crashes caused by KB2962872 (MS14-037) for all affected versions of InstallShield and InstallShield for AdminStudio.

Get the InstallShield Patch here


Internet Explorer Security Update Can Crash InstallShield

Microsoft has released a security update that can cause InstallShield to crash upon launching.

I am referring to Security Update KB2962872 (MS14-037).

Flexera Software is working with Microsoft to resolve the issue. As more information becomes available, they will post progress updates on the following webpage:

Please be advised that applying Microsoft security update KB2962872 (MS14-037) may cause the InstallShield or InstallShield for AdminStudio application to crash upon launch.

The bottom line is this. Until they have a fix, don’t install Security Update KB2962872 (MS14-037).