InstallShield Patch Fixes MS Security Update Problem KB2962872

On 11-July-2014, Flexera notified InstallShield customers that applying Microsoft security update KB2962872 (MS14-037) may cause InstallShield to crash upon launch.

While Microsoft continues to devleop a fix through Windows Update to address this issue, Flexera Software has created an interim solution. This patch resolves the crashes caused by KB2962872 (MS14-037) for all affected versions of InstallShield and InstallShield for AdminStudio.

Get the InstallShield Patch here


Internet Explorer Security Update Can Crash InstallShield

Microsoft has released a security update that can cause InstallShield to crash upon launching.

I am referring to Security Update KB2962872 (MS14-037).

Flexera Software is working with Microsoft to resolve the issue. As more information becomes available, they will post progress updates on the following webpage:

Please be advised that applying Microsoft security update KB2962872 (MS14-037) may cause the InstallShield or InstallShield for AdminStudio application to crash upon launch.

The bottom line is this. Until they have a fix, don’t install Security Update KB2962872 (MS14-037).


Microsoft Puts Back the Visual Studio Installer Into VS 2013

If you’re reading this, you’re undoubtedly a user of InstallShield. Still, it’s interesting to note that Microsoft has added the installer project back into Visual Studio 2013.

Now called Visual Studio Installer Projects, the installer was removed after Visual Studio 2010, and led to an outcry among developers.

Tony Goodhew, a program manager on the Visual Studio Platform Team, blogged about the update, calling it “one of the topmost voted on suggestions on User Voice for Visual Studio.” User Voice is a feedback Web site for developers, where they vote on the top requests made for Visual Studio improvements. Visual Studio Installer got 6,174 votes. The majority of requests get fewer than 100 votes, and it’s rare for a suggestion to garner more than 1,000.

The new version is called Visual Studio Installer Projects Extension, and is available in preview mode, downloadable from the Visual Studio Gallery. It provides the same functionality as the Installer in Visual Studio 2010, according to Microsoft.

Visual Studio still provides a third-party installation manager, Flexera’s InstallShield Limited Edition (ISLE). Goodhew noted that ISLE adds additional capabilities not found in Microsoft’s Installer, including “TFS and MSBuild integration, support for creating new web sites and ISO 19770-2 Tagging support.”

Here’s the full article:

Microsoft Re-Installs Visual Studio Installer