Create Bootstrapper to Install Prerequisites Before Main Install

Today I was asked how to create a bootstrapper to install Prerequisites before the main installation. If you are new to InstallShield and installation development, you will be glad to know this is very easy.

All you have to do is create a release that provides Setup.exe. Setup.exe works as the bootstrapper to launch prerequisites you have selected in your installation project. It works like this, Setup.exe is launched, prerequisites are installed, then Setup.exe launches your MSI file (that was built automatically during the build of your project) which is the main installation that installs your application.

Release types that can include Setup.exe are as follows:

  • CD-ROM release
  • DVD release
  • Internet release
  • Network release
  • Single Exe release

Basically, any of the release types except for Single MSI will create Setup.exe.

If you don’t know how to easily create one of these release types, just open your project, go to the Project Assistant, go to the Build Installation tab, and select any of the choices except for Single MSI. Then build your installation in the Project Assistant, and the release will be created. After that, you can go back to the Installation Designer to refine your installation.



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